kindness   ladybirds   leaves   compassion   courage   the magic of seeds   friendship   weeding and revegetation   the shade of trees   courage   sunlight falls my wings open wide   shalom   pause   i’ll never have to read between the lines again   blest   your hand in mine   by the sea   deep in the blue   joy   the seeds in the soil   the stars above   and in between the responsibility for life   the trees embrace me, i rest my cheek on the moss, and feel myself confident   beloved earth   precious life   hands around the earth   peace   selah   love   samsara   wisdom, compassion, loving kindness   grace   mir   threads of change   found   breathing love flowing peace glowing love   heal the world   clusters of love   calm and quiet of snow   yet at the scent of water   life be now   be kind   he loved ‘da bears’   she walked in beauty like the night   memory   the love of a mother for her daughter   hold precious   peace, nature   aroha   privacy   a choice embraced   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity   infinity    sixty days after the bombing grasses were sprouting flowers pushing up through the ash morning glories panic grass feverfew   peace   peace one word peace in my backyard peace in my neighbourhood peace in my community peace in our world peace for all living beings   shukufuku   allow a gap   help   peace   solace : relief from pain of body and soul   compassion   unity   hope   love   peace in our time   love   beat swords into ploughs   nothing beats nature   kindness   peace sutra   born in Australia   sθw peace   earth   seeds   roots   hope   every thought we put into the world affects it   think love   think peace   think harmony   listen   look   feel   live your truth   stitching   you are enough   sungnômé   your earth, my earth, our earth   share   sing   care   joy   water   hope   peace like a river   flow water tea tea dirt nature   where thou art that is home   prayers for women and children worldwide   love   warm soft purr joy   kindness   love   hello sun in my face hello you who make the morning and spread it over the fields watch now how i start the day in happiness in kindness   may all beings be happy   occupy solace   Alana who loves you   peace   words are not enough   peace pace la paz   joy, love   a prayer for peace   om shanti   so powerful the light of unity it can illuminate the whole earth   still open mindful treading gently   come to the ten of universal unity   grace   peace   the path is love, the time is now   aspire   love   this handful of dust the world   one home let it be in unity   the earth is one country   verbunden   everything belongs   the bell of peace may it ring to all corners of the earth to meet the ear of every man   hope whispers our children’s names   make soup   forgive   love   agape   repair

these words were harvested from the solace pennons mailed to the Observatory at Andamooka, South Australia

my gratitude goes to

(and in no particular order)

Heidi Monks

Cherilene Chan

Donna Kallner

Frances Westwood

Bodil Møller Larsen

Jo Roszkowski

Denise Fordyce

Isobel McGarry

Cassie Gibson

Mary Heath

K O’Donnell

Joy Hopetoun

Cynara Mori

Jenni Worth

Shari Bubner

Arija Schwerdtfeger

Nicole Howe

Wen Redmond

Amanda Holloway

Gerdi Schumacher

Dorcas Pennyfather

Penny Crompton

Evelyn Parkin

Louise Plint

Therese Swift-Hahn

Mo Crow

Cathy Wycliff

Celeste Hansel

Liz Ackert

Beth Brennan

Cindy Monte

Maya Sara Matthew

Jo Ann McGeever Metzger

Yvonne Habbe

Malin Sjöstrand

Suri Vangolen

Morna Crites-Moore

Janet Tobler

Susi Bancroft

Lajla Nystad

Holly Story

Diane Kingsley

Christi (Possum) Carter

Wendi Trulson

Jenny McHenry

Indra Stephenson

Tracy Duddridge

Eva Rodriguez Riestra

Lotta Helleberg

Emma Riley

Sue Fisken

Jane Flower

Kathy Wonderlin

Tina Meakin

Helen Trejo

Carola Heptinstall

Donella Wilson

Sue Gilbert

Fiona Burchell

Lynn Jones

Ronnie Ayliffe

Kathy Jolman

Jessica Grantley

Eileen Schramm

Nanette Gilbert

Jo Brook

Deb Cocks

Jan Rowan

A Sibson

Robert McCulloch

Mary McCulloch

Lorraine Meeks

Carrie Vartarandi

Emma McWilliam

Pat Morrissey

Margaret McCathie

Diana McPherson

Parvin Morrissey

Kate Bowles

Bridget Ely

Barbi Crisp

Jo Britt

Suzanna Klein

Nancy Thome

Lindy Frayne

Jyah Gage

Tricia Copeland




New Zealand

the USA